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Crème Brule’ - 8
A classic French custard, served with a caramelized sugar crust and whipped cream

Raspberry White Chocolate Bread Pudding - 8
Our homemade Bread pudding with white chocolate and raspberries
Served with vanilla bean ice cream

Tiramisu - 8
Espresso soaked lady fingers with mascarpone and cocoa,
Served with fresh whipped cream, crème anglaise’, and berries

Carrot cake - 7
Individual carrot cakes are topped with cream cheese frosting

Flourless Chocolate Cake - 7
Decadent chocolate fudge cake is served with fresh whipped cream and berry sauce

Toasted Almond Cream Cake - 7
Mascarpone and lady fingers are layered with amaretto cookies and toasted almonds served with whipped cream and chocolate sauce

Coffee Drinks

Irish Coffee-Jameson Whiskey 
Nutty Irishman-
Bailey’s & Frangelico
Jamaican-Kahlua & Crème de Cacao
French Coffee-Grand Marnier
Roman-Sambuca Romana
Spanish-Tia Maria & Brandy
Italian- Amaretto DiSaronno
Pumpkin-Pumpkin Crème Liquor
Keon’s Coffee- Kahlua, Bailey’s & Frangelico

*Menu items and pricing are subject to change